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What are “ Love Biochemicals” ?

Why We Love: What is this thing called love?

Sex is a major primal urge. We can't help ourselves no matter how enlightened... the love biochemicals take over our bodies and the brain starts pumping horomones, neurotransmitters start firing, and we become aroused and even fall in love.


Love Biochemicals are the chemicals behind the Mating Dynamic or Sex. See http://5Love

The three parts of the brain that the love biochemicals get seriously activated are: ventral tegmantal, nucleus accumbens, and caudate nuclei.

Love biochemicals:
His and Her Love Biochemicals

Love Biochemicals – HERS Love Biochemicals – HIS
Estrogen Testosterone
Progesterone Vasopressin
Testosterone Mullerian Inhibiting Substance (MIS)
Oxytocin Oxytocin
Cortisol Prolactin
Vasopression Cortisol
Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Androstenedione
Androstenedione Dopamine
Allopregnenolone Estrogen
Love Biochemicals are the horomones that guide behavior sexually, socially, in mating and parenting, and with nurturing and aggressive behaviors.
These Love biochemical hormones affect girls being talkative, being flirtatious, giving or attending parties, writing thank-you notes, interpreting facial expressions and other’s emotions, planning children’s play dates, cuddling, grooming, worrying about others feelings, being competitive, fantasizing, masturbating, and initiating sex.
Love Biochemicals are the horomones that guide behavior sexually, socially, in mating and parenting, and with protective and aggressive behaviors.
These Love biochemical hormones affect males being rough and tumble, competitive nature, cheering for a sport team, solving problems, interpreting facial expressions and other’s emotions, male-male bonding, dating and mating, wandering eyes, forming sexual and pair-bond relationships, protecting family and turf, fantasizing, masturbating, and pursing sex.

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love biochemicals include:
love biochemical: testosterone,
love biochemical: estrogen,
love biochemical: dopamine,
love biochemical: norepinephrine,
love biochemical: serotonin,
love biochemical: oxytocin,
love biochemical: nerve growth factor, and
love biochemical: vasopressin



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